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On my way to work yesterday out of Seattle, I was relatively hung over and running on four hours of sleep, so I needed food. I needed it badly. And I'd heard about this new (well not entirely new, but a new location) biscuit place up in Ballard. I had two hours to kill because for some ungodly reason my body woke me up at 8:30 instead of 10:30 like I planned. Though it was probably good I woke up early so I didn't hang around my friend's living room all morning while his roommates woke up. I digress.

I drove out to Ballard to Morsel and Bean, a biscuit and coffee jointed right off 15th Ave NW. It was incredibly unassuming right over the Ballard Bridge, but just charming enough with a little parking lot amongst the gas stations and banks in the neighborhood. 

I walked in to the most joyous greeting one could expect at 9:30 in the morning, but it definitely perked me up - if the case full of fresh biscuits hadn't already done that.

It's no secret that I love me a good biscuit sandwich (I did a whole post about Pine State down in Portland because I love it so much) but this place was a little bit spicier in terms of the menu. They had their regular biscuit, a cheddar and chive version, and the day's special - roasted red pepper. Yum!
I ordered myself a Fast Break - a breakfast "sammie" with scrambled egg, cheese, bacon, and tomato jam. 


I didn't even know that was a thing, let alone so fucking delicious. I want to put tomato jam on all my eggs now. Oof. So good. And on the roasted red pepper biscuit - it had a very pizza-like quality to the flavor, which who doesn't love pizza? I grabbed a iced drip coffee to accompany this monstrous sammie, and while I waited, the guy working the counter made the most genuine and lovely conversation. After I mentioned that I was just headed to work for a short day, he suggested the Lord of the Rings soundtrack to make it go by faster. Who thinks of that? Apparently that guy, and it certainly made my day.

There was a short line when I got to Morsel, a short line when I left, and a nice mixture of morning joggers, parents and children, and college kids sitting in the tiny little drive-thru. It felt so neighborhood that it made me want to start looking at houses within reasonable walking distance so I would have an excuse to start walking in the morning once I move to Seattle this fall. 

Needless to say, that won't be my last biscuit from Morsel.

Also pardon my bad cell phone photos - I was too lazy to bring in my camera and didn't want to be that one weirdo coming into a diner in the morning with a DSLR. They didn't turn out too bad though, right?

For time and locations, visit morselseattle.com

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