Lush's NEW Self-Preserving Products!

In case you hadn't heard, Lush has recently announced the launch of several new self-preserving formulations of their best-selling products. This is big news guys. THIS IS BIG.

All the new formulas have been in stores in the UK for a little while already, and they should be launched in the U.S. very soon. We actually had a staff training today all about the charitable giving programs and the new self-preserving products. The best part - we got to try them all!

The products the company is launching - and the products I got to try - are Ocean Salt, Mask of Magnaminty, and Dream Cream (we're also relaunching Charity Pot, but didn't get to try it today since we already got to try it in our last staff boxes). I brought home a little pot of the self-preserving Dream Cream today, because it's my favorite product. I needed to see how this new formula stood up to the old formula.
Guess what? I still love it! The good news is that they didn't take out or add any ingredients - all it took was some tweaking of the quantities of ingredients. For instance, the self-preserving Dream Cream has more Olive Oil than Rose Water, where the preserved formula has more Rose Water than Olive Oil. With all the cocoa butter and Glycerine, the new Dream Cream is stable enough to keep bacteria out on its own without any of the safe synthetics we've been using in the past. 

The only difference I've found on the skin is the weight. The self-preserving formula is a bit thicker and heavier than the preserved Dream Cream, but the effects are the same. So for those of you who don't care much about using preservatives - you can stick with the original formula. And for those of you that have been itching for some self-preserving goodness (perhaps literally), you're in luck! Once the other products make their way into the store, I'll definitely be talking about them here.
Because of all this talk about self-preserving and parabens, I'll be making a video very soon about parabens on my YouTube channel. It's a widely argued about subject that I have a lot of feelings about. 

For right now, if you need to pick up Dream Cream, go here. If you're curious about the different quantities of ingredients - the self-preserving formula is already on the UK website.

Are you as stoked about the new products as I am?

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