The Power of Potions

I haven't written anything on this blog in awhile, and I apologize for that - I've just been ridiculously busy with work, and weddings, and family, and Bumbershoot. I haven't done an outfit shoot in over a month because I've been too lazy to try and organize something after Sarah had her second child so she obviously doesn't have time. 

So last night I took a nice long bath to chill out. And it was wonderful.


Often people come into my store and when they see the price of bath bombs, they say something like, "oh my god a $6 bath? That's SO EXPENSIVE." No shit, Sherlock. But let me just turn it around for you for a second. How much would you pay for a cocktail? A latte? A cupcake? Why is my desire to feel and smell good in the bath any less frivolous than your desire for a venti quad latte with hazelnut and soy with no foam?

While I certainly don't use a bath bomb every time I wash myself, simply because I don't have the time, I try to do it once a week. It calms me down, and since I shower at night, it makes my nighttime ritual that much more pleasant. Plus, I go to bed smelling great and wake up with super soft skin.

I don't know if it's me, but smelling good is incredibly empowering. It's usually the first thing someone notices about you, and it's one of my favorite compliments. "Oh my god you smell amazing!"

It's one thing to tell something that they look pretty, but the subliminal power of aroma is kind of magical. Smells trigger memories sometimes more than any other sense, so if you smell good and someone recognizes that, it can stay with them. How freaking great is that?

And I'm not necessarily talking about perfume. When I smell a synthetic perfume on someone, it's obvious. When that's the case, you often hear the compliment, "I really love your perfume." It's kind of the same idea as "that blush looks really good on you," or "that dress is so pretty on you!" Thank you, but it would be nice for someone to notice me rather than the perfume or makeup I'm wearing. When cosmetics use essential oils, you can layer lotion and soap and perfume much easier than with synthetic fragrances. Something about essential oils mixes with your own body chemistry, creating a sensual experience unique to each person.

That's when you get someone telling you, "you smell really great." Not, "your perfume smells really great." Someone can smell mysterious, sweet, energetic, or sexy. I like to think of essential oils as ingredients for your own magic potions. You have the power to influence your own feelings about yourself as well as others!


So yes sir, $6 is an expensive bath. But what is the price you put on feeling great about yourself and having the power to make people notice how amazing you smell?

I'd say $6 ain't too bad for that power. 

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  1. What a wonderful post :) I think you've definitely convinced me!