Nars Volga Pure Matte Lipstick || fall faves

It's September, so fall is looming. And that means burgundy, purple, maroon, and even black lipstick. I'm stoked.

So I busted out one of my favorite lipsticks of all time last week - Nars Volga - a.k.a. RED WINE HEAVEN.
It's in a skinny bullet, with the sleek rubberized packaging that Nars does so well. It fills nicely a makeup bag and the lid fits so securely that I never feel like it'll slip off. Mac lipstick lids don't ever feel that secure and they've been known to pop off in my purse, so I pay attention to that shit.
The formula is quite dry, but not necessarily drying on the lips. But because of the dry formula, it's virtually shine-free. The only time you get shine out of it is if you apply it over an emollient lip balm, and the shiny only lasts for a short time. So if you're a fiend for super matte lips, check these lipsticks out.
At this point, I've been wearing the lipstick for about four hours without any touch-ups, so you can see a little bit of patchiness, but not bad for four hours! What I love about the dry formula is that it doesn't bleed into my lip lines, which happens all the time with more emollient formulas for me.
Left is one light swipe, right is built-up three swipes.

What do you think? Are vampy wine colors your thing? They're definitely my thing, and I'd wear it every day of the year if it wasn't as big of a hassle to keep up as it is.

Buy it here.

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  1. These are some of my favorite lipsticks! I've got Montego Bay, Tonkin, and Mascate. I have my eye on Vesuvio :)