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Here is the second installment of my budding vinyl collection - Reignwolf. I saw Jordan Cook and his band Reignwolf last week at the Neptune - as my last show of 2013 and it blew my mind. I've seen him twice before - Sasquatch 2012 and Sasquatch 2013, but I was super stoked to see him again. Not only because I love shooting him, but because I owed him a big fat thank you for loving my photos. 

This last summer his publicist emailed me about using one of my photos from Sasquatch 2013 for Lollapalooza PR, and because I was incredibly flattered that Jordan wanted to use my photo specifically I said yes. 

It was this photo:
It's published over at the Chicago Reader still, if you want to see my name up in lights.

Anyway, so I had a special mission in going to see Reignwolf again. And I could not have been more pleased with my final show of 2013. He killed it like he always does, and I was so happy to finally meet him, especially since he said to me - with all the sincerity in the world and his hand on my shoulder, "well I'm a fan." He's a fan of me, so that's a thing. This fabulous rock star that is blowing up so big right now that he doesn't even have an album out and is opening for Black Sabbath on their Canadian tour is a fan of my photography. Yes. I'm that excited.

Naturally I had to pick up this limited edition 7" because it might be a collector's item one day, who knows? I got Jordan and Stitch to sign it too, unfortunately I couldn't find Joseph their drummer to sign it, but next time I will.

I just want more music from him now, two songs just isn't enough. "In The Dark" and "Are You Satisfied?" are great tracks, but I'm not satisfied Jordan!

Here are a couple of photos I particularly loved from Saturday's show.
Okay six, so I lied about a couple.

The collection is building, so stay tuned.
And for more of my concert photography go to my Flickr or my website.

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  1. I am SO jealous of all the shows you get to go to! And have these amazing photos after! Gaah!