NEW IN: Thierry Mugler "Alien"

I thought about doing a perfume collection post, but decided against it in favor of a perfume collection video (which will be uploaded on Monday) and a couple key posts on here about my newest scents. The first of said posts concerns this here perfume from Thierry Mugler called Alien. How fancy is this bottle, seriously?
I got this perfume from my mom for Christmas after I mentioned one time when we went shopping that I liked it. My coworker wears this scent and I love it on her. The bottle is pretty sweet too. My uncle compared it to Paul Rudd's "Sex Panther" from the first Anchorman movie for some reason.
The notes list solar accord (whatever the hell that is), jasmine, cashmere, vanilla, "green notes," and "transparent amber." I'm assuming the mystery of the last two notes add to the extraterrestrial theme of the perfume, but whatever it is, it's awesome.
Alien is a very sensual and feminine fragrance, without being in-your-face GIRLY. It's subtle enough to wear all year round, though I find it to be more of a winter fragrance for myself.
If you like unique fragrances that aren't too in-your-face, I highly recommend Alien. You can purchase it at Sephora, as well as Nordstrom.

What is your favorite winter fragrance? Let me know in the comments below, and stay tuned to my YouTube channel for the full perfume collection coming Monday!

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