A Photoshoot

While most of the photos on this blog aren't necessarily taken by me (of course the ones without me in them I take) I am a photographer first and foremost. This last weekend I met up with my friend Lindsay, her boyfriend Scott, and her sister Madi for a little photoshoot in downtown Gig Harbor. It was cold that day, so Lindsay and Madi inadvertently turned into scarf models for the day. 
Madi's nautical attire lent itself well to the the marina.

Then we did a couple with Lindsay and Madi. I told them to think "murder" when this photo happened. And not like "oh god someone just got murdered" but more like "I'm going to murder someone." It was a weird tip I saw from Charlize Theron on how to walk like a Queen. Whatever. 
It didn't last long though. 
Then to be fair I got some of just Lindsay while she cackled in between shots at Scott making faces. 
They didn't even color coordinate. It just happened that way.

We then migrated up the road to this staircase above the oldest dry cleaners in town. I was standing on a bench for these.

They look like a freaking indie band, am I right?
And a couple more for good measure. We got a good view of the Harbor that day because of the fog, but no Mt. Rainier unfortunately.
And because Lindsay had a vision, we used my own road for these shots.
 That's my mom's old bike.
Hopefully I'll be posting more photoshoots like this. If you know of anyone needing senior photos, engagement photos, family photos, anything else - give me a call. My info is on this blog, as well as at my website abbywilliamson.com.

Seriously if you like these photos, call me and i'll take some of you.

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  1. Beautiful photos, Abby. :) I can't find the bike and it's driving me nuts.

  2. Beautiful! I love the ones on the street :)