NEW IN: Pomme Frites Candle Co. Teakwood & Tobacco

Let me first tell you - this candle smells like a sexy bearded man. No joke.
 I picked this candle up from the newly launched Anomie online boutique. Anomie is run by one of my favorite bloggers, Chelsea of I saw that she posted a video and blog post about her new business venture, and I instantly had to take a gander at the site. It's simple and chic and very easy to navigate. 

The shop is still a little bare, considering that it just launched, but the thing I wanted to try the most was this candle from Pomme Frites Candle Co. I'm still not entirely sure why this company is named after french fries, but no matter.
Pomme Frites is a handmade soy candle company from California, and this particular candle is just heavenly. It's dark and musky and full and sexy. Tobacco, leather, amber, musk, black tea and pepper - yum. This candle retails for $16, which is a pretty good price considering the gorgeous packaging, and the fact that it's handmade.
The package came very quickly, as I ordered it on the 24th, and it arrived yesterday, the 27th. And it was wrapped up in a pretty little canvas tote with the Anomie label stamped on it. It was a nice thing to find in the mailbox, for sure.
I also just love the label. It reminds me of handmade jam or honey that you might find at the farmer's market, so you can't really go wrong. I'll definitely use the jar after the candle is finished burning too, so it's a plus that the jar isn't just a clear glass jar.
I haven't lit this candle up yet, but oh baby I'm excited to.

And check out the rest of the stuff that Chelsea has featured! There's a bunch of gorgeous jewelry that I might have to pick something up the next time someone buys something from my Etsy shop so I have money in my Paypal. That's how I justify spending money online. If I made money online, I'll spend it online.

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  1. This is pretty cool! I LOVE Chelsea. :D And pretty minimal rustic candles. And curated shops. So yay!


  2. Thanks girl, so glad you love it!!