Lush Valentine's Day 2014

I'm usually not one for pink everything, but you can't deny that the color just makes you happy. As soon as I saw all the products that were launching with Lush's Valentine's Day collection, I thought "YES PLEASE CAN I HAVE ONE OF EACH?"

I ended up getting almost one of each, just skipping the Close To You massage bar because it's so melty and smells like a lot of other things we have in the store (Rock Star soap, Creamy Candy bubble bar, anything else cotton candy scented). But everything else I picked up, including a piece of soap that was 0.99 lbs. Basically a pound of soap. Do I need a pound of soap? No, but do I want a pound of soap? Yes.
The first product I was dying to try was the Tender is the Night massage bar (which is now going to be a permanent product, yay!). It has hinted of jasmine, ylang ylang, and vanilla. It's also the first massage bar without any cocoa butter, and Lush added in murumuru with the shea butter for extra luxury. So if you're allergic to cocoa butter, there's finally a massage bar for you!
I should have held this bath bomb in my hand for the photo to show you how big it is - because it's big. Love Locket is essentially three bath bombs in one. You can break it in half and inside there is a mini heart for a third bath. Again this bomb includes the lovely scents of vanilla and jasmine (both very sensual) but Love Locket is also bright and citrusy with neroli oil as the third note. It's incredibly uplifting in the bath and will instantly brighten your mood.
The Kiss is a returning product, but this is the first time I've gotten to try it. It's a lip gloss with shea and cupuacu butter as well as agave nectar for a lovely flavor on the lips. It adds a hint of a pink hue to the lips, but nothing obvious. And it's naturally shiny and glossy without being sticky, because no one wants to kiss sticky lips. I just love that it tastes good, so the person you're kissing won't want to stop.
Prince Charming is perhaps the weirdest product in the launch, named after an Adam Ant song of the same name. When I first heard "pomegranate and marshmallow" my mouth started to water. But when I smelled this shower gel, it was completely different than I imagined. It's incredibly tart, and almost reminds me of those chocolate covered acai berries you can buy in bulk at Costco. If you like the tartness of a grapefruit but think Happy Hippy is still too sweet for you, you'll probably love Prince Charming. I just got a small bottle to start with, just to see if I grew to love it like I love the other products in the launch. The color is gorgeous though. Plus, it's incredibly cleansing with all those fruit juices, but the marshmallow root makes the skin feel soft and supple at the same time.
Neon Love is the cutest soap I've ever seen. Look at those hearts. Seriously. And it's not just pretty, but also just a lovely soap. With ingredients like passion fruit, figs, rosewood, bergamot, and cinnamon leaf, how could you not be intrigued? I love walking by the big stack of it by the register every time I go to check someone out at the store. It's such a light and refreshing fragrance, that I want to bottle it up and spray it in my car. Plus, the soap is packed with soya yogurt, so it's super softening and moisturizing on the skin. I freaking love this stuff.
There were a few gifts as part of the launch as well, but lord knows I didn't need all that after all the damage I did at Christmas. Overall, I love this collection, and if you needed any ideas on what hints to drop to your significant other - take them shopping at Lush. Hey, maybe you'll see me at work one of these days. It's happened before, and it's kind of awesome.

The Valentine's Day collection should be available in all stores by Monday, though you can never guess where things get shipped first. We got our stuff on Tuesday. 

Are you excited to try any of these products? Were you as apathetic about pink as I was? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I love that fact that everything is vegan! I am really intrigued by the Neon pink soap and the lip tint seems really nice, I must stop by our local Lush the next time I can just to see if I like the smells. Lovely review and thank you for giving me a glimpse of these goodies :)xx