Dreams of Cannibalism

I did mention that I would be back in a series on how I style my band tees, but you didn't think it would be this quick, did you?

In today's edition, I'm featuring my newest band tee - that of the lovely folkestral group from Portland called Typhoon. That's where the title came from too - one of my favorite songs off their last record White Lighter. You can check out the music video for it here.
One of my favorite things to do with band tees is to buy them large. I usually get them in size medium, but it turns out that the band was all out of mediums at the show last weekend. But it's a blessing in disguise, because you can tuck those suckers into some high waisted shorts or jeans. Plus, rolling up the sleeves give them a bit for fashion-y touch, so when you're not layering them, utilize what you can do with a sleeve.
But layering - yes layering - is my most important step in styling otherwise pedestrian t-shirts. Put a collared shirt underneath it, layer a cardigan, even throw one over a bodycon dress. On this particular day, I chose this great little High Sierra cardigan from the Goodwill to complete the look. Because t-shirts are literally the most casual thing you could wear, coordinating colors goes out the window for me. I'll wear clashing greys or slightly off blues together. It's a t-shirt, you don't want to look overdone.
Sticking with the neutral palette, I wore my favorite pair of shorts over tights for a winter look. Who says you need to put shorts away for winter? Not me, that's for sure. These shorts were also thrifted, from where? I can't quite remember. And this belt is probably 6 years old, from Target, and it's way too big on me now so I wrapped it around my waist 1.5 full times. It's kind of crazy wearing clothes you have been wearing since you were heavier.
To dress the look up slightly, I added my wool wide brim hat from H&M. I feel very St Elmo's Fire in this outfit for some reason. It's 80s, but not Molly Ringwald.
I chose to not wear any jewelry with this particular look because the shirt is so graphic and the anatomically accurate butterfly is just too pretty to cover up. For other shirts (and future looks), I suggest wearing some sort of bling to dress up the look. But clearly I was going super casual today.
I'm actually listening to White Lighter as I'm writing this, to give myself some inspiration. Typhoon is such a great band you guys. If you haven't taken my word for it yet, I'm very sorry because you're missing out. Who wouldn't want to listen to a band that styles their band tees with butterflies and songs like "Dreams of Cannibalism?"
One random thought - praise be to second day hair. I've had a lot of requests recently to do a hair styling video on how I have recently been wearing my hair. It will come, soon. I promise.
For one accessory, I did carry around my little Espe knapsack today. I love the strap on that thing - it unzips to give you the option of wearing two straps instead of one! I don't do conventional bags. I'll carry a backpack until the day I die.
One final part of the look is my Converse All-Stars. This look would work with boots, or even creepers, but nothing is more classic than All-Stars. These are my favorite pair I've ever owned, and I'm had them the longest. They're off-white, constantly dirty and the laces are too long, but they never look out of place, or overdone. Seriously, feel too fancy in a sundress? Put on All-Stars. Want to make a statement at prom? Wear your dress with All-Stars. Your groomsmen are too cool for dress shoes? Make them wear All-Stars instead. They will always been cool. I firmly believe that.
Of course, this doesn't have to just apply to band t-shirts - but those old spirit week tees from high school that you're hoarding, or the quirky camp t-shirts you find at the thrift store - rock them like this too. Sometimes the best conversation piece isn't your most expensive blouse from Nordstrom or the Jeffrey Campbells you bought on Ebay, but the weird t-shirt you bought on a whim after a kick-ass show. 

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