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This post has been in the back of my mind for a long time, but I finally got down to gathering up all my band t-shirts today for a collection post. The final count - 19 band t-shirts. To be honest, I thought I'd have more. 
 Check out this organized chaos.
I figured I'd organize them in chronological order from when I got them - I believe I got this Franz Ferdinand shirt like ten years ago from Hot Topic. The armpits are faded and holey, so I mainly wear this one to bed anymore. 
I got this one the next year when my best friend and I saw Keane at the Paramount Theater, when Keane was still huge. Remember "Somewhere Only We Know?" That song was great. Again, the armpits are faded so much that this is a sleep or workout tee. 
I cut this one up to make a hi-low shirt, and failed miserably. I think I got this one when I was 16 or 17. That's right around when I started listening to Death Cab, so it would make sense. 
This was when it all changed - I saw my favorite band at Neumos, after my freshman year in college, so I was 19 years old. I usually wear this one to the gym, but I will never throw it away because of the memories connected with it.
The next year I saw Flight of the Conchords at the Paramount Theater, and I loved them so much that I picked up a tour shirt. I miss those guys.
The next two I got in the same year - my best friend bought this one for me for my first when she was in New Jersey and had to order my gift online.
And this one I picked up at the San Francisco tour date in 2010. When they come back in May, I'll have to add another WAS shirt to my collection.
I was never a diehard fan of Ben Kweller, but his show at the Showbox SoDo was one of the best shows I saw in 2011, and I loved this shirt so much that I had to get it. It's organic cotton, so it's super soft and I still wear it quite often.
I picked this guy up the last time Aaron Pfenning (a.k.a. Rewards) was in Seattle, back in April of 2012. It was a limited printing, so I feel really special having this shirt because there aren't that many of its kind. Plus, I freaking love Aaron and I am excited to see him this spring.
I had to get this one when I saw the Foo Fighters at Sasquatch. I've loved the Foo Fighters longer than any other band, and finally getting to see them play at my favorite place in the world needed something to remember it by.
I honestly can't remember when I bought this shirt - one of the many times I've seen Kris Orlowski play. I love the simple, almost handmade look of it.
I got this shirt for free when I essentially won the chance to shoot Pomplamoose at the Triple Door, along with a poster and a couple of other goodies. It was also the first time I met Jack and Nataly, so it has some great memories.
I used to own another Killers t-shirt back from when I first fell in love with them in 2004, but I've since lost it, unfortunately. So when I saw them at Deck the Hall Ball 2012, I needed to rectify this problem, and how can you not love the vintage look of this tee? Seriously.
 My uncle got me this shirt for Christmas last year, and since the Blue Album is one of the best albums of the 90s, I love wearing it on my chest.

Last year when I saw Phoenix at the Paramount, I fell in love with this shirt. I'm a word nerd, so it was right up my alley.
The lovely kids from the Cellar Door gifted me this shirt as a thank you for all the shout outs I gave them in my videos. I was the best surprise when I originally got a message from them thanking me and offering me one of their shirts, because they're great and deserve all the love they get.
Last month when I saw Reignwolf play at the Neptune Theater, it blew my mind. And when I went to talk to Jordan after the show, I couldn't pass up one of these badass t-shirts. Plus, Jordan told me that he was a fan of me, and I melted. And I like remembering that.

While this one isn't necessarily for a band, it's for an indie label out of Seattle that features artists like the Moondoggies, Grave Babies, Tacocat, La Luz, and Seapony. Hutch Harris from the Thermals always wears this shirt during shows, which is where I saw it in the first place. It's really soft, and quite long for how narrow it is, which I love.

The shirt I'm wearing in the first photo I literally just bought last night at Typhoon's show at the Neptune Theater. Their record White Lighter was my favorite record of 2013, and the anatomically correct butterfly is just beautiful.

Do you own any band t-shirts? Do you buy them when you go to shows or online or in stores like Hot Topic? Let me know in the comments below.

I'm in the process of planning out a "how I style my band tees" post for either here or a video, so stay tuned!

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  1. My very first band tee, which I just got a few days ago, is of a local folk metal band that I really like. It has a very unique design, because it was made for the 10th anniversary of the band, which is insane I think. I've only been listening to them for a year and a half now, but I really like them. I also plan to buy more shirts, but it's rather hard, because I like many American and British indie bands. :D So yeah. Looking forward to that "how to style band tees" post, because I now have one to style! :D

  2. So excited to see how you style band tees! I just bought one online and need some inspiration to style it. Can't wait! XD

  3. You have some amazing shirts in your collection. I own so many band shirts, I try to buy at least one from every show I go but I'll make an exception if the shirt is ridiculously priced. The worst priced shirt I've ever seen was a $60 M.I.A. shirt at Coachella. :|

  4. My very first band t-shirt I got when I was quite young (I'd say about 13), it was an awesome Rolling Stones shirt that I wore to death. Then recently this fall I got a lovely T-shirt from a concert I went to at the Knitting Factory when I got to see Passion Pit. I am in love with it:)Can't wait to collect more

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