Doesn't Take Much

I know, I know - it seems like it's been a whole year since my last outfit post. Ha, see what I did there? I kid, I kid. 
You know how some days, you don't really want to put much effort into your outfit? This was one of those days. I had a doctor's appointment at the infusion clinic earlier that day and it was third day hair. I was wearing something underneath this coat though, I wasn't that bold.
I recently found this coat in my basement in a box that I'd packed away last winter to be brought out this winter. It's a thrifted coat from Urban Xchange that I got for like $25 last year. When I looked up the brand, it was originally over $200, so it was my prime find of the season.
To add some color to the black coat, I paired it with some green socks underneath my new boots and this scarf I received from a subscriber called Hayley (thanks girl!). It's a replica of Tom Baker (the 4th Doctor's) scarf. Subtle Doctor Who reference, anyone? These are my favorite kinds of references, the kind that doesn't shout outwardly "I AM PART OF THIS FANDOM," only to those who are also in the fandom. It's an inside reference. I dig it.
Plus, it's just a cute damn scarf too, right? It has so many colors that it goes with everything.
One other thing I need to mention - it took me so many shoe shopping visits to find these boots. I went to Nordstrom Rack like three times and finally tried DSW and found these bad boys. Originally $199 Franco Sarto boots, I got them for $80 on clearance. The weathered toes are my favorite part, second being the straps around the calf. They're the perfect height (and a wide enough calf) so I can wear them with jeans or tights. They're perfect, okay?
I call this hairstyle "unamused bedhead."
This was literally the laziest outfit to be totally honest. I was so lazy that I put sunglasses on so I didn't have to put on eye makeup. Yes I just admitted that.
Scarf: Doctor Who replica // Coat: Thrifted (Urban Xchange) // Socks: Target // Tights: Target // Boots: Franco Sarto (DSW) // Sunglasses: Ray Ban Meteor

And to stick with the lazy theme, today's post it brought to you by a Sam Miller song of the same title. Go check it out because he's great. Because really, it doesn't take much to look presentable and feel comfortable with yourself. That's not the subject of the song, but I took some liberties, okay?

I'll be back with regular posts now, I swear. 

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