In The Dark

Today was freezing, and this denim jacket definitely was not warm enough for the icy wind that kept blowing my bangs around. But I'm glad I was able to get another post for my band t-shirt series completed! This week we're featuring my other newest tee - Reignwolf. 
I've talked about Jordan Cook most recently in my vinyl series, but I loved this shirt too much to not wear it for an outfit. This outfit is definitely more low maintenance than last week's Typhoon-themed ensemble. Give me a good denim jacket, and I'm happy. In fact, my mother found this one for $5 at the Goodwill the same time she found that cardigan last week! She's good at finding things, she must be a Hufflepuff.
To take the outfit up a notch from a t-shirt and denim jacket, I paired it with this maxi skirt I picked up at Urban Xchange a couple months ago, and my Chinese Laundry booties.
There's just something incredibly classic rock and roll about a great denim jacket, and it matches the perfect classic rock and roll that is Reignwolf. Seriously, that band is going places (specifically on tour in Canada with Black Sabbath this year like OH MY GOD).
For the final touch to the outfit, I wore my favorite bracelet - this fork bracelet I got from the Spoonman at Bumbershoot probably four years ago.
 What I like to remember when styling my band tees - don't try too hard. The last thing you want someone thinking is that you're trying to look cool. You just want to be cool. Denim - always cool. Maxi skirts - always flattering. And some funky socks shows that you're full of surprises.
Top: Reignwolf Merch // Jacket: Gap (Thrifted) // Skirt: Thrifted (Urban Xchange) // Socks: Gift // Shoes: Chinese Laundry // Bracelet: The Spoonman // Sunglasses: Ray Ban Meteor
 Today's post title comes from Reignwolf's newest single, which you can stream below from their Bandcamp page.

  I've certainly got more ideas for this series up my sleeve, so stay tuned!

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  1. Hey Abby! so yeah Reignwolf is fucking incredible. I saw him play at ACL fest in the fall it seriously blew my mind! While he was ending his last song he got up right to the front row and accidentally hit this old man in the head with his guitar. There was blood and Jordan felt so bad he kissed the guy on the head. Shit got crazy but it was awesomeeee! lol Anyway my brother is obsessed with Reignwolf and bought one of his shirts in black and well yeah I'm pretty jealous that I don't have one. Also love your denim jacket! really cool outfit :)