REVIEW: Portland Black Lipstick Company

I love me some unusual lip colors. I've own too many burgundy lipsticks to count, a lavender lipstick, and a straight up yellow-based orange one. When I heard about this company in Portland called the Portland Black Lipstick Company, my interest was instantly peaked.

So when I went to Portland last weekend for Musicfest Northwest (photos can be seen here), I wanted to try this stuff out in a store. Lo and behold, this place called Blush Beauty Bar carried the brand! Can you say great luck?

When I went to the shop, it had brands from Smashbox and Nars to this tiny independent company making crazy lipstick colors like mint green, indigo, and black. Sadly, all three of those colors weren't in stock, but I did pick up a couple that were unique, but also totally wearable for fall.

Top: Bad Penny; bottom: Irony. 
These lipsticks are very opaque with one swipe, metallic, and completely organic too! I've been wanting to move in a more natural direction with my makeup since working at Lush and getting to know all that goes on in the cosmetics industry, and supporting a local, natural, indie brand - I'm all for that. These lipsticks are $10 each (and if you get them in Portland you don't have to pay tax!), but they're totally worth it knowing that they're handmade by a local business.
This first one is my favorite of the two - Irony. Again, another maroon color to be added to my collection, but it's so different from all the other maroons I own. It lasted me a good 5 hours, even after eating a sandwich, and the color barely faded at all. It has a pleasant smell and feel on the lips because of the peppermint oil, and doesn't dry out my lips either because of the coconut oil.
You're probably thinking that with someone as emollient as coconut oil, it would slip all over the lips. When you first apply these lipsticks, there is a bit of slip, but once they dry down they stay put.
I love the little chapstick tube it comes in. Minimal, but totally functional. 

The next color is Bad Penny, which is - you guessed it - copper. Though it's copper, it leans towards a brick red, so it's definitely not brown.
This one didn't last quite as long as Irony, fading in the middle around 4 hours, but the lasting power is still impressive.
When I love most about these is the ingredients. They have very similar ingredients to the Lush Emotional Brilliance lipsticks, but they are much more solid in texture, which I prefer. These feel similar to the Lush lipsticks, but don't bleed into my liplines because they are more solid. With ingredients like coconut oil, cocoa butter, and vitamin E - these lipsticks are actually good for your lips too! 
To take a gander at any of the other colors, visit this link - Portland Black Lipstick Company .

I'll definitely be checking out a couple of the other colors when I need something for Halloween. Artificial Amethyst is one I particularly have my eye on.

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  1. Oh my gosh the irony colour is stunning <3 I've never heard of this brand at all but they look fhdfbehiuwf amazing ahh