REVIEW: Bésame Cosmetics Crimson Rouge

Is that not the prettiest packaging you've ever seen? Anything vintage-inspired - gimme somma' that.

I introduce you to Bésame Cosmetics, a beautiful 20s-esque beauty brand that's taking old school cosmetics and bringing them into the 21st century. I heard about this product in particular about a year ago from Cami Loves Kiwi, I believe. Ever since then, I've wanted to get my hands on it.
Last weekend when I was in Portland, I stumbled upon the stuff at Blush Beauty Bar in the Alphabet District. At $22, I splurged on the stuff - because look at it. The packaging is almost worth the price tag. It's dainty and girly and very French-looking. I am in love.
Look at it. It's so pretty. You don't get packaging like this anymore, unless it's some limited edition set from Estee Lauder. This makes carrying around makeup in my purse more fun. All the rest of their products have this same vibe, and I'm intrigued by the lipsticks.
This stuff is their signature product, a multipurpose cheek and lip cream rouge. Besame is so old school that they say "rouge" instead of blush. It's a bright rosy red color, very "just in from the cold" kind of color, so perfect for winter.
It's a balmy texture, but not too creamy or sticky, so it works best applied with a brush on the cheeks, and with your finger for the lips. That's how I applied it, and I love the finish of it for both cheeks and lips.
It's very pigmented, so be careful when dipping your brush. Use a stippling brush with sparse bristles for best results. It makes sure you don't apply too much at once. You can always add more if you want more of that dolly look.
Top swatch: Built-up 
Bottom swatch: Blended out
The compact is actually compact, too!

On the lips it blends out to a rosy pink, kind of similar to the color my lips get when they're sunburnt, but flattering! It's very natural looking too, no shimmer or glossiness to the color, but also not drying in the slightest.

I highly recommend you get out Bésame Cosmetics if you love all things vintage. They're cheaper than high-end brands, but pricier than drugstore - but prettier than both. 

Found at Blush Beauty Bar in Portland.

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  1. Splurge justified, dude! That's a lot of freaking product, even if you use it on both your cheeks and lips! I may just pick one of these up if I ever happen across one.

  2. That is one beautiful product from the packaging to the natural flushed look it give you. Gorgeous!