GETTING TO KNOW: Lush "BB Seaweed"

 I'm almost finished with this series - and here we have bestseller BB Seaweed!

 BB Seaweed is one of the masks in Lush's fresh range that is formulated for sensitive skin. It's like the moisturizing brother to Catastrophe Cosmetic, packed full of seaweed, aloe vera, and ground almonds. This mask is gently exfoliating, and won't cause irritation on skin that gets easily irritated (aka ME!)
 It's a very mild mask, without much of a smell, but along with the mild smell, the immediate effect I got was rather mild. I couldn't really feel much, but after I removed it my skin felt very fresh and soothed. This mask does dry down, but and it was still a bit tacky after 15 minutes or so.
 This is what the mask looked like after the 15 minutes that I left it on.
 And after I removed it. You can see, there isn't any sort of redness (besides the blemish minefield on my forehead).
 Overall, I really enjoyed this mask. If you have super sensitive skin, even more sensitive than mine, definitely give this one a try. It's got honey and olive oil for hydration and seaweed and aloe vera for soothing. Plus, you get some exfoliation out of it as well. 3 for 1!

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