The Sexiest Candle Ever

 Okay maybe I'm being hyperbolic, but let me elaborate.
I went to Target today with my friend Markas, and for some reason we found ourselves in the candle aisle and we went a'sniffing. I was looking for a specific Yankee Candle, which I did not find, but I did find this little gem.

 I believe it's one of Target's signature candle lines, like the artisan candle collection or something. There was no brand listed on the tin, so I'm assuming it's exclusive to Target.

There are a lot of candles that I've wanted to try from high-end brands like Diptyque and Tocca, but I cannot CANNOT justify spending $50+ on a damn candle. That's just stupid. So this guy at $6.99 for 5.47 oz is a steal. And it looks pretty. The chic tin and brown paper motif is very trendy and fits with any decor. Plus, the type style is pretty cute too.
 But, the main point I wanted to make about this candle is the smell. It lists no notes or ingredients other than black orchid, amber, and soy on the candle, so I couldn't even begin to guess what's in it. What I do know is that it smells just like Tom Ford Black Orchid Eau de Parfum, which is one of my favorite perfumes. It's a sexy manly scent, with notes of patchouli, amber, and vanilla, and it's divine. I got a sample of it last year in a Sephora package, and the first time I wore it out some random guy on the street outside the Showbox told me that I smelled good from 6 feet away. I just finished it a couple of weeks ago. Needless to say, I've been coveting the full size since I got the sample.
 While I decide whether or not to shell out the $72 for the 1 oz size, this will suffice in getting me my patchouli and amber fix. I did just get a hefty deposit in my bank account from a wedding, so I might end up getting Black Orchid. Maybe.
What is your favorite candle? Do you like sweet, floral, musky? Let me know!

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