Almond Butter, anyone?

 I know that this is entirely random, but I had to share my recent obsession with Justin's Honey Almond Butter. I was browsing through the sandwich spread section a couple weeks ago, and I was bored with my peanut butter. And I love peanut butter. I will eat peanut butter on an English muffin for breakfast every day if I could. So for me, this was a big step.

I will tell you what though, this almond butter is an entirely different texture from regular Skippy or Jif.
It's not as much of a whipped formula, and not quite as smooth, but the natural texture is what I love about it.
I also love how proud Justin is of his nut butters, and its evident all along the packaging of the stuff.
Look at all the ingredients! There aren't that many!
I'll tell ya, I've had a lot of butters in my day, and I've fallen in love with this one. I put it on my sandwich for lunch the last two days with local huckleberry jam and it was the best PB&J (or shall I say AB&J) I've had in a very long time. This is legitimately all the "butters" I have in my pantry right now. It's a bit ridiculous, really.

I love everything about the packaging. The fonts, the simplicity, the almond covered in honey? It's so cute!

What are your favorite sandwich spreads? Was this post entirely frivolous? It probably was.

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