I've been meaning to do this post for awhile, and since I haven't had new content on my blog in at least a few days, I figured I'd do it now!

This is Mac Lightscapade Mineralized Skinfinish (or MSF for shorthand). Up until this year, this product was only released with occasional collections, and every time it was released it would sell out ridiculously fast. But once it became permanent, I knew I had to pick this baby up. 
 I'm pale, and pink-toned so the cool blueish veining in the champagne-white product compliments my skin tone perfectly. I have bought the ever-popular Soft and Gentle once before, but returned it within a day because it was far too glittery for me, and accentuated my dry skin and made my pores look huge. Lightscapade is the much-needed foil to Soft and Gentle in Mac's MSF permanent collection.
 It's both subtle and bold at the same time. There is no glitter, and tiny microshimmer, but the iridescent glow is really what does it for me. As a pale person, I have a hard time not finding a highlighter that isn't so overwhelmingly golden, and this one definitely doesn't do that.
 Another great thing about the MSFs is that while they're $29, rather pricey in terms of Mac's powder products, but you get 10g, which is a ton of product. And as with any MSF, Lightscapade is pigmented, but not too pigmented so it's easy to blend and you don't need a ton to get it to show up.
For best results, use a denser brush for a precise application. I like using my Mac 109, which is just small enough for highlighting, and you can definitely use an eyeshadow brush and Lightscapade as a brow bone highlighter. It's not too shimmery so it won't look too 80s on the brow bone. 

I'm so happy that Lightscapade is permanent, because it's one of those products that when I do use it up (in like 10 years jesus christ), I would definitely repurchase it. It's the perfect highlighter for those like me that want to look highlighted without looking like a glitterbomb exploded on my face. You can purchase this from any Mac counter, or online at

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  1. Now that it is permanent, I'm gonna finally be able to get it (I also have very pale pink-toned skin and on my oily combination skin, soft and gentle was just plain horrible).