Electric Bloom

It was actually 9 o'clock when we took these pictures (granted my camera settings were far different than when it's 4 p.m), but you can see why I love this time of the year. It stays so light so late and it's wonderful!

Sarah and Lana and their (now my) friend Lindsy met downtown at this Hawaiian cabana bar thing on Pacific Avenue after my first afternoon shift at Lush. It was my first day on the floor and it was so much fun! I wore this top to work because it fits the "black and white" dress code, but with different pants so when I got to Tacoma I switched from black to these bright blue jeans for photos.

I absolutely love this top, a new one I got from River Island this week. I'll be featuring the other River Island piece I purchased in an outfit soon, just you wait!
 We didn't get a ton of good photos of my outfit, seeing that Sarah was a bit drunk and kept clicking at the most inopportune moments, but the shoot turned into a night of dancing at a gay bar and getting pizza with other friends, so I'm glad I made the detour on my way home.
 As you can see, my hair is long enough to through up in a high bun (not a top knot because my head is already tall enough and I don't need any more height good god). Granted I am wearing a handful of bobby pins in the back and a good load of hairspray, but it's nice being able to pull my hair up. Plus, it's a fun way to wear all these vintage scarves that have been sitting in my drawers since I've grown out my pixie cut.
 Sarah literally had me kneeling on the ground so she could get these pictures.
Top: River Island // Pants: Urban Outfitters // Shoes: Keds // Scarf: Vintage // Earrings: Fuego

Also, the track this post is titled after is an old Foals song from their Antidotes album, a.k.a. one of the best albums EVER.

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  1. You look lovely, as usual, Abby. Glad you're enjoying life at Lush! :)

  2. Even when I'm drunk, I rock picture taking. HAHA! Love that top.

  3. I love LOVE this look. Look's so good on you. Amazing <3

  4. I love it! You match The Fault in our Stars cover art! So cute!

  5. Love your shirt and the bright blue color!