Red Lip Series: Revlon Matte in Really Red

This red lipstick is the first Revlon lipstick I ever bought, actually. It's one of a few drugstore reds that I have, and I like it quite a lot. I've never swatched it directly next to Ruby Woo, but from the swatches I've seen online and what I've heard from other people, it's a pretty close dupe for Mac Ruby Woo. They are both matte (although I think this one is a lot more comfortable), and they're both blue-based, but not so blue based that they aren't universally flattering.
I consider this one my classic red. It's not too dark, too bright, too blue, too yellow. It's just a good all-around red lipstick.
The Revlon mattes are limited in their color range, but I love the ones that they do have. The Revlon lipsticks have no scent, and last a good few hours on me. If I wear a lipliner with this one, it extends the life tremendously, and I can usually get like 6 hours of wear.

What I most love about matte lipsticks is that they don't bleed. I have trouble with especially slippery lipsticks bleeding on me. I used to own NYX Snow White, but I gave it to my sister because it would bleed so badly and I couldn't get more than a couple hours of wear on it. With this lipstick, that never happens, and it doesn't take a lot of touch up. When the center starts to fade, I can just tap it back on to cover up the patchy spots.
The right swatch is one swipe, and the left swatch is built up. As you can see, the more you build it up the most "blue" it looks. But the one problem with this lipstick is that you can't really sheer it out very easily. You have to use a moisturizing lip balm and just slightly dab it on to get a stained effect, but that doesn't usually last all that long. If you're going to use this lipstick - you're going to use it FULL-ON.

Depending on which drugstore you're going to, this lipstick can range from $4.97 (stupid weird Wal-Mart prices) to $7.99, and it's a great value for the price. There aren't a lot of matte options in the drugstore, so Revlon Really Red is definitely a treasure. I just hope Revlon never discontinues their matte line. They've already stopped carrying their Colorburst lipsticks in every drugstore in my town. Please tell me that's only where I am and they haven't discontinued all of those lipsticks.

We're almost halfway through my red lip series, and I hope you're enjoying it! I might do a purple lip series once I'm done with my reds, because I've got a little collection of purples building.

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Best wishes!
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