GRAMMYS: Best and Worst Dressed

Can we talk about how amazing last night's Grammy Awards were? Justin Timberlake, Jake White, that EPIC tribute to Levon Helm with Mumford and Sons and Brittany Howard? I mean, I can say that I haven't been this pleased with a Grammys ceremony in a very long time. But I don't need to sit here and talk about how amazing the performances were or how childish Taylor Swift was or how great of a karmic moment it was when Frank Ocean beat Chris Brown (pun absolutely intended). I'm here to talk about the FASHION.

First, my best dressed. These are in no particular order, btw.

Love me some Frank Ocean, even though I was a little pissed that he didn't sing Pyramids or Thinkin' Bout You. I loved the all-blue ensemble. Classy yet casual.
Also, as much as I'm sick of the song Girl On Fire, Alicia Keys was on FIRE. It shows off her curves in all the right ways, and shows just enough skin without being vulgar.
I don't know how people were hating on Adele's dress. IT'S FREAKING ADORABLE. It fits her personality and it's something different and refreshing.
I love me some Beyonce, but I think her sister Solange out-dressed her last night. The simple body-hugging green dress mixed with her fabulous 'fro definitely makes her the hipper Knowles sister. Also, I freaking love the shoes.
 This was the first time my mom and I were actually excited about the country category, and Carrie Underwood's performance was fabulous, just as fabulous as her dress. It has this antique lace look that I simply love.
 I love Alexa Chung. Case closed. The cute summer dress paired with the "ba-BAM" red lip is just perfect and disheveled enough without looking unkempt.
Justin Timberlake is just made of class. He's dapper as hell in his bow tie and the hair slicked back and the black and white loafers --- ugghhhh I'm done.

 Now onto my worst dressed. I didn't include as many here, because I honestly didn't see too many hideous dresses from people worth mentioning.

Katy Perry, I love you girl. Your hair is fabulous, your makeup is fabulous, that color is fabulous, but when I saw photos of the dress originally on the catwalk, clearly it wasn't meant for someone as well-endowed as you. I'm all for cleavage, but I guess I just prefer cleavage from the top, not staring right at me in the face.
 I don't even know what Kate Pierson was going for here. Not only does it fit her breasts awkwardly, but it hugs her body in the wrong ways and give her rolls where she probably wouldn't want them. But I do love the color with her hair.
 And yet another example of unnecessary cleavage - Kelly Rowland. I mean, girl looks hot, but with all those cutouts, if you turn the wrong way you could be involuntarily looking at her lady parts. The shape is good, but if instead of entirely see-through, it was like a semi-sheer black fabric I would have loved it.
Wiz Khalifa, put a shirt on. Although, with all those tattoos you almost wouldn't even know that he wasn't wearing one.
Angelina Jolie's awkward slit pose was bad enough - now Jennifer Lopez has taken it to a new level. It's like half a gaucho pantsuit. And the topknot is strangely tiny. Girl looks good though.

So what did you guys think about last night's awards? Whether it's about the fashion, the performances, who got snubbed, tell me what you thought!

Also, here's an adorable photo of the best dressed band - Mumford and Sons. Seriously how cute are they? I'm more than a little bit excited to see them at Sasquatch this year.

Best wishes!
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