Gettin' Thrifty With It: Pretty Peplum

Sarah and I had been dying to shoot down at the Spanish Steps by the old Elks Temple, and when we got there, we found this old decrepit white wall at the end of the building, so we decided to shoot there. It was a beautiful day - cold as all hell - but beautiful and sunny just the same. Also, my hair was kind of wonky.
These shoes are the newest addition to my collection, so I was incredibly excited to shoot them with an outfit. They are called the Florence Shoe, and they're by Matiko. Also, they were originally $175. Guess how much I got them off Karmaloop? $32. Can you say great deal? I love finding great sales online, and I don't think I've actually ever bought a pair of shoes online at full price. If I can hold out for a quality pair of shoes when they're 50% off rather than buying 10 pairs of shoes from F21 that will fall apart, I'll take the sale any day. These heels definitely take some getting used to walking in, but they are relatively comfortable for how tall they are because of the small platform.
 I like to think of this as my "office" outfit, even though I haven't worked in an office since I was the editor of my college paper, and even then our version of an office was microwave popcorn at 11 p.m. on a Friday.

If I ever get an office job, I can imagine I'd wear something like this.
Obviously, the retro vibe of this dress called for some cliche "powdering my nose" poses. I actually found this vintage compact at an antique store in Australia two years ago. It still had the original Revlon powder in it! Clearly I didn't use it.
  This dress is one of my favourite Urban Xchange finds ever - $8! The peplum is so on trend and so flattering. The sleeves are pretty flattering as well. Having relatively chunky arms, cap sleeves are hard to rock, so this is a great work dress for the spring (especially because of the modest neckline!)

 I mean look at how sexy these things are? I'll never wear them on a date, because I am already the same height as my boyfriend and I don't like towering over him.
 You can see the peeling wall paint a lot better in this one. Isn't it a cool wall, though?
I'm so happy I found these heels, and Karmaloop is one of my new favourite online stores. They have EVERYTHING. If you want to check it out, you can use my rep code "abb3rz07" for 10% off your purchase!

I included this dress in my most recent video on YouTube, about my favourite thrifted finds! Check it out below.

Did you guys like my recipe I posted yesterday? I was so happy with how my tacos turned out, that I had leftovers for lunch today!

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