Nightmoth Blues

I just realized when I was editing these photos today that I wear a lot of denim. Like, a lot. I swear there is at least one piece of denim in each outfit on this blog. Well it might be a little hyperbolic, but if you looked in my drawers - you'd be staring into a sea of blue.

What can I say? It's da best.

I honestly think part of my affinity for denim comes from all the indie rock bands that I have listened to over the years that sport ripped jeans and denim jackets. The singer/guitarist of my favourite band in the world We Are Scientists - Keith Murray (not the rapper) - wore one denim jacket in particular for almost a year and ended up ripping the elbows he loved it so much.
 Ha, I guess Keith has become an inadvertent style inspiration - I am growing out my fringe like his, after all.
 This lip combo I'm wearing has been my go-to all Winter, and I'm sad that it won't really be on trend for Spring, although I'll probably still rock in once in awhile to a show. I don't like wearing this colour when I'm going out with Andy, for reasons you could probably guess. But if I'm solo for the night, I'm all about the bold lip. It's Mac's Nightmoth lip pencil with Rimmel's Kate Moss lipstick in 04 on top, by the way. 
 This top and floppy-brimmed hat are both from Forever 21, which I'm sad to say. I honestly have such a love/hate (leaning more towards hate) with Forever 21. I've learned now that I can never walk in there expecting to find something specific, but more of a quest through a bunch of cheaply made crap to find a few good pieces to throw in.
 I was actually really happy to find this hat though - I was looking for a big floppy brimmed hat and all the ones I found online were really expensive and all the ones in the stores now are straw and springy. This one was upstairs in the sale bins at Forever 21. SCORE!

 My shoes, belt, and skirt are all thrifted, from various places. I honestly can't remember where I got this skirt. I got my tights from Cotton On on sale when I was in Australia in Dec. '11. I think they were like $2. Also this "necklace" that I'm wearing is actually a headband. Resourcefulness in my middle name.
I will be back on the blogging bandwagon this week - I've got a new girl crush to write about, so expect some gushing about Jennifer Lawrence tomorrow. :)

Best wishes!
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  1. I have to pick up that lipstick! It looks so amazing! I always enjoy seeing your outfits and this one was great. Like you I have a love/hate relationship with Forever 21 but that hat is great. I always have to have a lot of patience when going into a Forever 21 and now I have to multiply my patience by the number of floors that the Forever 21 has. Lol

  2. What if Keith started rapping? KEITH SHOULD START RAPPING. I really love your hat!

    1. If Keith started rapping, he'd be my favourite rapper.