Girl Crush of the Moment: Jennifer Lawrence

So I figured I'd change the title of this to "of the moment" instead of committing to monthly or weekly or fortnightly. Is fortnightly a word? Well Blogger didn't underline it, so it must be right!

I don't want to talk about the Oscars because I could go on forever about it, but I'm mostly still mad at the guy standing behind me at a club that night who spoiled the awards for me. I recorded them at home and watched them when I got back, in case you're wondering.

But this post is entirely relevant to the Oscars because JENNIFER LAWRENCE.

  Let me count the ways why I love Jennifer Lawrence.
 She's normal as hell, and down-to-earth in so many ways. I want to be her best friend. This moment made me smile because she played it off so well and funny. She's charmingly weird. I think that's a good description.
 She's naturally gorgeous. Like, if I were into girls I'd have sex with her. Hell I'd probably have sex with her now if I had the chance.
 She is not only inspiring as a young and successful actress that has been nominated twice for an Oscar by the age of 22 (what am I DOING WITH MY LIFE) but she's funny and sassy and... real.

I mean, did you see this interview post-award?
What kind of questions are those, anyway? "What were you thinking when you fell?"
Some reporters are just dumb.

Let's just take a second to bask in the glory that is this Dior Couture dress. She was a big winner not only in the best actress category, but also in the best dressed category if I have anything to say about it.
I never saw Winter's Bone, which I need to do so soon, but J. Law did such a phenomenal job in Silver Linings Playbook. It was one of my favourite films of the year, and her character was so real and heartbreaking and funny and awkward and perfect. Ugh I just love her. I mean, Bradley Cooper is pushing 40 and she is just 22. You would have never known that by just watching their performances.
Also, can we not forget that Jennifer is KATNISS FREAKING EVERDEEN? One of the most badass female characters ever written. Seeing a young actress balance a huge franchise and independent Oscar-nominated films is inspiring.
2012 was her year, and hopefully we will see so much more of her. Any way for me to get to see more interviews of her being hilarious is good.

Watch this. You won't be sorry.

Best wishes!
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  1. Love her! I also like that she's made multiple remarks about keeping a healthy body image and refusing to lose weight for roles.

  2. Definitely watch Winter's Bone, saw it in class not so long ago and it was phenomenal. She is just my favourite person at the moment!