Style Inspiration: Dum Dum Girls

After my last outfit post, a friend of mine told me that it reminded her of a band that we both saw at the Sasquatch Festival last year - Dum Dum Girls.

I went and checked a couple of my photos from the festival, and guess what? The comparison makes sense. After looking at a bunch of other photos of this fierce girl band, it made me want a leather jacket more than anything. 

 © Abby Williamson

 © Abby Williamson

I mean, not only are they a great band but they dress fabulous. I'm basically obsessed with Dee Dee Penny (the one sporting the sunglasses right above).

The tights and the lace and the black and the red (or black) lipstick, I love it all.
I might at one point seriously do a makeup tutorial inspired by these badass lady rock stars.

Best wishes!

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