Gettin' Thrifty With It: Overalls?

So apparently overalls are a thing now. Who knew?
On this day Sarah finally made it out to Gig Harbor, and we met down at Skansie Brothers Park, where the marina sits and at Christmas time the giant tree in the yard. It's pretty much the most central of meeting places in this town.
The weather was beautiful, though cold. That's basically how our springs start here in Washington - it looks pretty, but it's deceiving as hell. Icy cold wind and a beautiful sun. Stupid mother nature.

So in honor of this bipolar weather pattern, I rocked these thrifted overall shorts and a rather springy top and my (dead) uncle's fedora, with leggings. The leggings had to keep me warm! Plus, I'm not a huge fan of my legs right now, so the more I can cover them in leggings and tights I'm good.

My boots are also thrifted, and by far the most comfortable cowboy boots I've ever worn. They're just worn in enough and they don't hit my calf too high or too tights. I have pretty substantial calves, so any boots that don't make them look even bigger are a win in my book.
My top came from American Apparel - it's a loose-fitting crop top that would be perfect with any high waisted shorts for this summer or maxi skirts. I was going to work this day, so I wasn't about to sport the bare midriff, so I went for overalls.
I also recorded a makeup tutorial that day for my YouTube channel, so I had Sarah shoot my makeup as well. Someone told me that it reminded them of the Little Mermaid. I'm cool with that.
I'm in Portland right now, so at least expect some pictures from my weekend excursion sometime this week. Hopefully I'll have video to share as well.

Best wishes!
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