LIFE LATELY: Seriously? Seriously.

The title of this post has all sorts of connotations, but the main one is referring to my beloved Grey's Anatomy. 
 Those were the good ol' days weren't they?

I used to worship that television show. It was my weekly dose of my TV friends, and it got to an almost unhealthy degree (at least I thought it was almost unhealthy). I own the first three seasons on DVD, and I still say that the second season is my favourite season of a television show ever. Hands down.

But like real friends, my TV friends and I grew up. And the tragic thing about growing up is that you sometimes grow apart. I have missed the past three seasons, ever since Izzie went crazy and George died. I've still got bitter feelings towards Shonda Rhimes for killing George, but whatever, the past is the past. 

One of my favourite things about Grey's Anatomy was the soundtrack. I discovered so many great artists from of that show, because I literally downloaded every song from every episode the first two seasons. That's when I spent a lot of money on iTunes. Tegan and Sara - Grey's Anatomy. Jamie Lidell - Grey's Anatomy. Roisin Murphy, Rilo Kiley, and Brandi Carlile - all because of Grey's Anatomy. It's amazing to think that one show can open your eyes to so many great artists. 

But why exactly is this relevant right now?

Well, this world has come full circle. My good friend Kris Orlowski, a Seattle artist, had his song "Mountains" featured on this week's episode. Seriously. It's so funny too because the first time I played Kris's Pieces We Are EP for my mom, she was all, "This song sounds like it belongs on TV, on like Grey's Anatomy or something." Mom called it.

Here are a couple of gratuitous pictures of Kris, just cause.

Finding out about it this week made me so unbelievably proud of Kris, and proud of Seattle music, and proud of Alexandre Patsavas for picking such an amazing artist to be a part of the phenomenal soundtrack. It gives me all sorts of warm fuzzies. And I thought it was cool with Givers (some more pals of mine) had their song on Glee.

In case you missed the episode last night, here's the clip.

Slow clap for Kris.

So while that was the most exciting thing this week - there is plenty more awesome stuff happening that is definitely worth a proverbial "seriously?"

In case you hadn't seen my channel page on YouTube lately, here's a screenshot.
 I have a banner now! But more importantly, this means that I am officially a network partner with Big Frame now! I've been talking with a couple of girls from the network for a few weeks now and it officially went into effect this week. I'm so happy that my channel has been noticed by big wigs and that it's "taken off" relatively well since I restarted my channel back in August. Soon I will also be joining the ranks of Wonderly, which had their official launch party last night in L.A. A few of my friends got to go, and I'm super jealous.

If you are unfamiliar with Wonderly, I suggest clicking on the link I provided because they do a much better job explaining it than I could, but basically it's a community of smart, witty, entertaining female content creators of all media, not just YouTube. I'm really excited to be in such great company as Kayley, Emily, Kassie, Morgan, and Chelsea. Seriously, go check out their channels. They're smart and wonderful and I like them a lot.

One last thing - if you live in the Seattle area, you should make sure your March 3rd is free. My boyfriend Andy Glover is playing his EP release show at the Rendezvouz in Seattle. The head of Andy's little indie label Grumpy Old Bear Norm has worked so hard to promote this thing, and they've done a really great job. I strongly suggest you come out that night - it's a Sunday night so there won't be a lot of other stuff going on, I can guarantee that. It will be worth your while. Plus, I'm having a meetup at Pike Place at 3 p.m. that day if you want to come hang out!

This ended up being a very long-winded post, but I will be back with a couple of reviews pretty soon (I put in an order for the Stila "In the Know" palette this week and I'm super excited about it).

Best wishes!
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  1. I totally agree with you about Grey's anatomy! I have watched every season loyally, even though in my heart losing Izzy and George and even Addison, it just isn't the same! I also loved Grey's for it's music, perfect for a broody 15/16/17 year olds! The song they played at the end of the second (I think) series where Meredith drowns and Derek saves her.. Still gives me chills!