New Favourite: Stila Eyeshadows

So I got this thing in the mail the other day.

I had been wanting to try out Stila eyeshadows for awhile, and when I saw this little palette go on sale at Sephora for $14 I had to pounce on the thing. I believe usually Stila eyeshadow singles are around this much, so I got three for the price of one! Now that's a deal.

This one is the "It Girl" Palette, which consists of Eve, the rosy nude on the left, Kitten, the shimmery champagne, and Americano the sparkly brown.

They are all so smooth and pigmented. Eve is a great matte crease color for those of us with pinker undertones. It's actually really similar to my Nars Douceur blush. Kitten is everything I wanted, as I have heard so much about it. It's a true champagne gold color, and it's gorgeous. Americano is a unique color with lots of sparkle (but not all the fallout!), one that I certainly did not have anything like it.

I love my Naked Palette, and I've debated getting the Naked2, but I looked at my collection after getting this - I don't need anymore eyeshadows right now. I have a good share of brights and now just enough neutrals. I'm not one of those people that needs 8 different midtone brown colors. I mean seriously people, they don't look that different. And how many damn taupe colors do you need?

Anyway, I am entirely pleased with my...third Stila purchase? I own a couple of liquid eyeliners from them, and once my primer runs out I will have to give their prime pots a shot.

I'll take pictures of swatches next time. I'm just getting used to this beauty blogging thing.


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