My First Ever Swap With Justkissmyfrog

I think it was back in September when my friend Kathy and I decided that we wanted to do a makeup swap, and boy was it a hoot. Kathy's blog is over on the side there, look to the left. But if you can't, you can click here.

We planned on swapping around Christmas, so we had time to collect things from our respective countries slowly rather than spending all the money at one time.

All but two of the products we swapped were drugstore products from the UK and the US. I sent her some NYX, Wet n Wild, Sonia Kashuk, Hard Candy, and Elf products. You can watch her video where she showed everyone what I got her right HERE.

But without further ado, this is what she sent me.

I cannot say enough how happy I was to get her package, because it was gorgeous and it was the perfect thing to come home to after an excruciatingly long plane ride. SO LONG.

Barry M Dazzle Dust in Mushroom

Oh my god this color. It's like taupe and grey and mauve all together. And it's sparkly! It's so multi-dimensional that I love just using it as an all-over lid color, and the packaging for these little dusts is splendid. I usually never use up pigments, but I can imagine using this baby up.

Dainty Doll Blusher in Money Talks

I cannot believe how perfect this blush is. I thought Nars Douceur was a perfect contour color, but I was SO WRONG. Rather than being a rosey brown like Douceur, Money Talks is a taupey pink.

Like, I wish more makeup brands could get the clue that not all of us are tan and have yellow undertones. Freaking bronzers and tinted moisturizers. Not that I don't love a good light and shimmery bronzer, but I wear those more as blush. I can't use a bronzer as contour, because of my pink fairness. And this is the answer to my prayers. Just Google this stuff and you will come upon some great reviews, including THIS ONE from Daisy.

So I will start taking more pictures of products and swatches for you. I just need to take them at good times of the day when I can use my natural window light. I'm still getting back into this timezone, and I seem to be doing everything productive at like... wait, what time is it? 2 a.m. This is my prime hour right now, when it's usually 11 p.m. Not that it's a good thing that my prime hour is 11 p.m. but whatever.


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