Coming Soon to Etsy: Red and white heels

I found these perfect little vintage heels today at the Goodwill in Gig Harbor for $10. Not sure how much I am going to sell them for yet, but I'm sure I will figure out by tomorrow. They are size 7.5, and it was heartbreaking because they are so damn cute. They make me wish I had smaller feet. Darn me and my size 9!

I had my friend Andrea model them for me because her feet fit perfectly. I seem to have better luck selling shoes and accessories rather than clothes, which is fine because they take up less space, but I don't get nearly as much for the accessories as I do the clothes. I love Etsy, but I need to figure out how to make my page more visible. I'm following a couple of girls who started their store after me and have sold over 100 items, and I don't really think their stuff is any better than mine. I need to crack the code on this thing.

Speaking of which, you can visit my store right HERE today, and if you follow my blog, I'll give you a coupon code to use for one purchase. Come on, you know you want to! Don't you just love these heels? I wish I could keep them. Seriously bro.

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  1. Why am I a size niiiiiiiine? *grabby hands*

  2. Wow. Gorgeous! I am an 8, and have zero money anyway ... gah!