Winterize Your Nails

I own a lot of nail polish. Like more than I actually need. So recently I decided that I was going to start paying attention to them and keep them looking nice. I'm a grownup damnit, so I'm not about to have my nails looking like an angsty 14-year-old. 

And as you know, I've been using Lemony Flutter cuticle butter from Lush on my feet for the last few months and I absolutely love it, but I started using it for its original purpose recently - the cuticles!
Lemony Flutter is incredibly moisturizing because of all the oils like castor, coconut, flaxseed, and avocado, shea butter and mango butter. But also the organic lemon infusion works like a chemical exfoliant - helping to break down dead and tough skin, making it perfect for fickle cuticles (and rough heels for those of us that aren't nice to our feet). I like the cuticle butter much better than cuticle oil because of how long it actually soaks into your nails, and the beeswax has a lovely softening affect on the skin.
 The high concentration of lemon also helps to brighten the skin and lighten your nails, making them look nourished and healthy. And the beeswax ensures that it won't wash right off your hands the next time you need to sanitize. This little pot packs a punch.

I've chosen an older polish in a deep almost-black red for today, but winter doesn't always mean dark polishes (though for me it usually does).

Julep has a little collection of winter-appropriate colors for any occasion, and actually Shari and Joanne are perfect for Valentine's Day! Good timing Abby!

Besides Julep's winter colors, I am in love with their Freedom Polymer Top Coat. As much as I love the Seche Vite top coat, that bottle wastes so much product. Julep's bottle design is both ergonomic and nice wasteful in the slightest! Why more nail polish brands don't adopt this design is beyond me. How many times have you had to throw out a polish that has dried up because of how much air gets trapped in the round or square bottle? You can't get it all out before it dries up! Thanks Julep!

This manicure lasted several days on me (which is good because usually I get 2 days before stuff starts to chip off). Seriously, grab yourself a pot of Lemony Flutter - if you just use it on your cuticles, it will last you close to eight months. I go through mine a bit quicker because I slather my feet in it, but a little goes a long way. Grab a polish of your choice, and top it off with a quick dry top coat. If you haven't tried the Julep Freedom Top Coat, I suggest you do. I always love supporting local businesses (surprise! Julep is a Seattle-based brand!) and the bottle design is the smartest I've seen in a long time.

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