Put Honey On Your Face! | winter skincare routine

Even though it was 60 degrees the last two days in Seattle, it's still winter. And my skin still knows that. My skin is already dry, so in the winter - the thirst is real. To help combat that, I've welcomed a new addition to my skincare routine. 

Up until recently, this was all I used on my face. On occasion I would take home a Cupcake face mask from work and use it on my nose only, but it's not a regular thing.
But now, this is Abby's skincare kit. Honey. Who woulda thunk it? I mean, now that I think of it, it makes a lot of sense. We use honey in so much stuff at Lush that using raw honey could only be better.
For my every day morning routine - this is all I do. I cleanse with Bioderma on a cotton pad to get any debris or excess mascara off in the morning. Then I spritz my face with Eau Roma Water toner water before slathering my face in Celestial facial moisturizer for all its soothing goodness.
Also, it's made with cocoa butter, almond milk, and vanilla water - so you smell like a damn vanilla milkshake. Not half pad.
But for a couple days week when I want to deep cleanse, I'll add in these guys. Ultrabland is my go-two cleanser for in the shower, mainly because it feels so nice and the steam from the shower helps melt off the beeswax. It's lovely and it makes my face feel like a baby's butt. But since I shower at night mostly, Ultrabland is a nighttime cleanser for me. Some people like it in the morning, but I prefer just the Bioderma for morning.

But I recently discovered this neat trick from Margaret of ItsJustAesthetics - put honey on your face as a mask! She specified using raw honey, which I found for a pretty damn good price at my local Trader Joe's. It doesn't have to be organic - because how can you tell if honey is organic anyway? You can't ask the bees to only pollinate on organic flowers.

In the morning, not every day but every few days, I take a little bit in the teaspoon and rub it all over wet skin while I'm doing other morning things (getting dressed, making breakfast, searching Tumblr). Make sure to get your hair out of your face or it will stick like crazy and don't put too much or it will drip off your chin. I use a spoon to take it out so I can still cook with the honey if I want. After 15 minutes or so, I'll rinse it off with water and a wet washcloth and my face smells and feels soft, toned, and clean. Honey is just a magical thing. Not only does it work as a humectant to retain moisture in the skin, but it also soothes the skin and has natural antiseptic qualities so it helps for breakouts!
Then I'll do the Eau Roma Water and Celestial moisturizer and I'm done! Make sure to get all the honey out of your eyebrows or they'll get sticky real fast.

What do you think? Would you put honey on your face? Just stay clear or bees or bears. 

If you're wondering where I got my Bioderma, since it's not readily available in the U.S., I got mine from Uwajimaya in Seattle, but you can also buy it from Escentual.com

Tell me your favorite skincare hacks below!

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