The first month of 2015 was a pretty busy one. But busy in the way that I want it to be busy. Not busy in the way December was busy. This was full of me time and adventures and good times with friends. This is the kind of month I want to be having on the regular. 

I haven't been as active on this blog, but I've been plenty active on Instagram, which you can follow me here if you feel so inclined. I thought I'd share a bit of my month with you via my Instagram photos. As you can see, there were plenty of shows (including one huge one with Death Cab for Cutie at the Crocodile), and plenty of selfies. But also lots of this lovely weather we've been having. I took a day trip to Snoqualmie for a Twin Peaks day, I did a mini photoshoot with my friend Laurel the day of the NFC Championships, and spent many a day at Cupcake Royale in Ballard.

I'm making myself be more productive, even if being productive means just blogging. I've had lots of free time lately because of the after-Christmas lull when it comes to getting hours at work, so I have no excuse. No excuses!

See you next month!

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