Adventures In Your Own Backyard

And outfit post? What? WHAT IS HAPPENING?!

I know, I know. I haven't done one of these in months. Months I tell you! But I have returned. My friend Laurel and I went for a walk earlier and took some photos for this here blog, and a little video for my YouTube channel.
We walked around the neighborhood right before sunset, and right after the Seahawks game - which we won. So no one was out. Everyone was still inside celebrating. We honestly heard people screaming from down the street. It was that loud.
First of all - how great is this sweater? It's pretty great. I found it at a yard sale in Tacoma a few years ago.
And for some stupid reason, I only started wearing the sweater a few months ago. And I thought I was going to sell it on Etsy. NOPE.
I'm glad I didn't sell it though - it's marvelous. I literally get compliments on it every time I wear it out.
But the sweater isn't the only great part of this outfit. My roommate Sarah and I found it at Gold Dogs Vintage in Fremont last week. I saw it up on the rack and thought "AUDREY HORNE." Yes. And it was only $19. For a Fremont vintage shop, that ain't too bad.
I paired the skirt with this crop top from Topshop. It fits so lovely, and goes with literally everything.
So saucy.

Also can we talk about how great my hair is fading? It was a bright turquoise, and now it's this lovely shade of seafoam. How do you like it?
Top: Topshop  ||  Skirt: Vintage  ||  Sweater: Vintage  ||  Boots: Sam Edelman  ||  Stockings: Nordstrom  ||  Necklace: my roommate's 

Today's post title is brought to you by Patrick Watson. I've been listening to him a bunch lately, so I thought this song would be perfect.

 This will be a more regular thing from now on. More outfits!

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