I Cut My Hair

Guess what guys? My mermaid hair is gone! Well, not all gone - I've still got a little bit of green in my hair, but I cut approximately 9 inches off last week. Whoa. WHOA.

For some reason, I was getting bored of my long hair. Actually, I know the reason. It's the longest my hair has ever been, and when you're looking at your face for long periods of time (editing YouTube videos) it's easy to get bored of looking at the same hair for months at a time. It was my plan to have long hair so I could style it all sorts of fun ways in milkmaid braids, top knots, crazy wackadoo updos, but the thing is - I never actually did that.  
So I cut it off. And now I have a long bob - a "lob" if you will. I also was itching to have a cute hairstyle at this length because if you've seen any of my older videos from when I started growing out my hair - it was not cute. When my hair was this approximate length, it was awkwardly red with blonde roots, shorter in the front and longer in the back, and unhealthy as fuck. Shortly thereafter I started working at Lush and using exclusively Lush hair products. Voila! Now my hair is healthy!
This the back, by the way. There's just a little bit of green left on the ends there, but nothing too noticeable. But guys! All the rest of it - my natural hair color! It's happening!

I went to the Gary Manuel Aveda Institute in Capitol Hill last Monday, and was able to get this haircut for not much more than at Supercuts. So if you're looking to get a hair makeover but you're on a budget - go to a beauty school. We've got a great one right in the heart of Cap Hill here, so I highly suggest it. I don't know how much dye jobs cost, but this cut was cheaper than Chinese takeout.
I love how it looks from the side. It's sassy and sophisticated and takes very little effort to make it look cool.
Plus, I can swing it around and it won't get tangled as fuck anymore. And it won't get stuck in my armpits when I'm sleeping. How stupid is that, by the way?
I did this crazy makeup look for an upcoming collab, but NO SPOILERS!
Ugh I just love how it frames my face and when I pull it behind my ear it gives off the asymmetrical look because of the A-line. Plus, how cool is it going to look with hats? Seriously though.

Where I got my hair cut: Gary Manuel Aveda Institute

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  1. I am loving your new haircut! It looks amazing on you. :-)

  2. that makeup looks crazy amazing on you whoa so in love with it!
    and your hair tho, perfect length! :D