If you haven't gotten sick of my posts about Lush haircare, then you're in luck - because we came out with new shampoo bars! So excited!
Look at these beauties! But these aren't the only new ones we have - there are 5 brand new shampoo bars in stores now! Copperhead, Honey I Washed My Hair, Montalbano, Brazilliant, and Lullaby are the new babies on the shelves.
I'm excited to try all of them, but the ones I picked up the other day are Brazilliant and Lullaby.
Brazilliant smells as bright as it looks. There are whole fresh organic oranges in the formula, as well as this funky oil from the Brazillian rainforest called andiroba for conditioning and strengthening. It's a citrus shampoo for people with dry hair. HELLO LOVELY!

I washed my hair with it the other night and I absolutely loved it. My hair was so shiny and light without being dry at all.
The next bar, which I have yet to try is Lullaby, an oat milk, lavender, and jojoba oil shampoo bar for the most sensitive of scalps. If you've ever tried Ibiza Party liquid shampoo, this bar includes so many of the same ingredients - so if you love Ibiza Party you'll love Lullaby.

Once I pick up the other shampoo bars, I'll definitely be back with an update. Which ones are you excited to try? Are you like me and want to try ALL OF THEM? If you're curious about which one is best for your hair type, leave a comment!

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  1. YAS! I cannot to try these. They all seem like ingredients and scents that I love!