Cat Fancy

It's still February, but it's been feeling like Spring in Seattle. Guess what that means? Shorts! Well, it's not quite warm enough for shorts alone, so these sheer mock thigh-high kitty tights will have to do for now. 
Also hello haircut!
I found this sweater at H&M the other day, and I can't help by think of Liv Tyler in Empire Records.
Can we appreciate the cute little cat tails on the back of the tights?
My sister managed to get a smile out of me while taking these photos.
Sweater: H&M  //  Shorts: DIY  //  Tights: Hot Topic // Boots: Thrifted  //  Necklace: Gift 

I dunno, I was just feeling the Spring mood today. And I've never been one to rock the baby blue, but I guess it works on me!
Today's post title comes to you courtesy of local band Tacocat. It's a ridiculous song that's literally about the magazine Cat Fancy. Because why not?

Are you feeling the Spring vibes lately? Or is it still freezing where you are?

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1 comment:

  1. It's still freezing here in Ireland so I couldn't wear shorts till the summer. But you really suit 'baby blue'' :)