Warby Parker Home Try-On

I recently went in for my routine eye exam (which I haven't actually done in three years so my bad), and come to find out - I need a new prescription! I went in for three reasons. 1.) I need an updated exam before I went off my parents' insurance. 2.) I've been squinting while driving at night. 3.) I want new glasses.

I've been wearing these frames since February 2011, so a really long freaking time.

After my exam I tried on some of the frames they had at my optician, to no avail. I went to Target. No me gusta. I stopped at Lenscrafters at the mall - again, no luck! I was running out of options other than just getting new lenses in my existing frames, but that's no fun! So I did some research into Warby Parker. Friend and fellow blogger Laura Neuzeth has done reviews of Warby Parker frames before and she loves them, so I thought I'd give it a go.

 How it works is this: 
You pick out 5 pairs of frames
You give them your credit card information (in case you don't send the glasses back)
They ship the glasses to you for free with a free return stamp already included
You get five days to try them out and see how you like them
You send them back to Warby Parker (again, for free!)
If you like any of the pairs you tried on, you order them with your prescription
Approximately $100 later, you have a new pair of prescription glasses


Well let me tell you.

I put my order in last Thursday, and they arrived on Monday. Three business days? Yes please!
The box came impeccably packaged with sweet little pictures on the box, and each pair individually wrapped.






Let me know which ones are your favorite below! I clearly can't make decisions on my own when it comes to glasses.

As you can tell, I'm a sucker for the keyhole nose bridge. And while I didn't feel like I looked stupid in any of these frames, only two of them felt like they "suited me." I'd say my favorite of all of these is Finch. I've been rocking a tortoise frame for three years now, and I've gotten used to it. I also have light hair, so the lighter tortoise doesn't look at harsh as black again my pale skin and ashy hair. And, the bridge is just wide enough and the frames themselves aren't too bulky. 

Chandler is my second choice, though the bridge doesn't quite fit my nose right. They're just the right amount of nerd without being ridiculous. Then Preston was third - though again the bridge didn't fit quite how I wanted it too. Plus, I realized this in all my searching for the perfect new frame, I can't do anything straight across the top. My brows sit quite low on my forehead, so when there isn't a considerable dip at the nose bridge I look like I'm rocking a unibrow. While Duval and Duckworth weren't bad, Duval was too big and Duckworth was too small.

Basically I've discovered that I have a face that doesn't suit all frames, which is fine, but it's also exhausting. I wish I could rock Harry Potter glasses and not look like an idiot or Clubmasters and not look like a pretentious hipster. 

Unfortunately, I do not have a face like Chris Cain's that can suit any damn pair of glasses he chooses.

Seriously Chris? Stop doing that thing where you look good in anything.

This post ended up being a lot longer than I'd expected, but here's what I know - I'm going to send these five back tomorrow and pick up five more to try. Out of these five, I dig Finch the best. If I don't find another pair in the next five that I like better, then I'll be going with Finch. 

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  1. The Finch pair are spectacular!

    I reckon you could easily rock some horn-rimmed spectacles too.

  2. Hi Abby! :) I really enjoy your YT channel and blog. Thanks to you I've discovered bunch of great bands.
    About the glasses, I love the Duval and Finch but I agree with you Finch suits you better and perfectly. :)
    Loves from Turkey.

  3. It really is so hard to choose! I've found with Warby they get your prescription EXACTLY right, especially if you measured yourself correctly. Other pairs of fun frames that I have ordered online from different companies have been off and cheap which made me feel seasick when I would look into them. I've had my Warby frames for a good 4 years and LOVE them.

    1. Oh that makes me so happy! Glad to hear. :)

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