Well That Was Easy

Nothing makes me more excited than finding new cool items of clothing that I can wear to work - but don't look like work clothes. Oh the perks of a loose black and white dress code.

I picked these pants up from Target a few weeks ago, and I have been wearing them constantly. They're basically pajama pants that I can wear in public. That's how comfortable they are. One night my sister came home in a bright colored pair and I looked at her - "Libby where did you get those?" "Target." "Did they have a black and white pair?" "Yeah." "We need to go to Target right now." That's literally how the conversation went.
I love them, and they can make a simple cropped tank look so easy and fashionable it's ridiculous.
The particular cropped tank I paired them with this day is a super soft black one from Topshop, and this is another new perfect addition to my wardrobe. It is just long enough to wear with everything high-waisted and it's supposed to fit loose. Hallelujah hot weather (and we've been having a lot of that lately...I guess 75 isn't that hot but I'm a wimp, okay?)
And yes that is still my Sasquatch media wristband I'm sporting. This year's wristbands were pretty hardcore - plastic with a little microchip that needed to be scanned when we went through the gates. They weren't fucking around this year.
The last piece to my outfit are these heels from Modcloth that I have literally worn like three times, so I thought I'd add a random pop of velvet to the outfit. I think it works. It looks fancy.
While my toenails need a new coat of paint - can we appreciate my fingernails? Granted they are slightly chipped, but I've had this polish on since Monday without a topcoat. That's impressive for me. And in case you're wondering what the color is, it's Marjorie from Julep. I think I might have found my new favorite formula. Honestly I've never had a polish last this long on me with this little amount of chipping.

Today's post title comes to you courtesy of Franz Ferdinand, one of my oldest favorite bands - and the first Scottish love of my life. I've fallen head over heels for several more Scottish bands since then, but Franz Ferdinand was my first. Anywho, I figured the title fit well - just like these pants! Oh snap.
Top: Topshop || Pants: Target || Shoes: Modcloth || Necklace: Urban Outfitters || Nails: Julep Marjorie || Sunglasses: Ray Ban Meteor

We're back in the blogging game, kids!

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  1. Those pants look like a maxi skirt, but much better, because your legs won't stick together. I need one.

  2. I love your pants.