My name is Abby, and I am a lotion addict.

I have quite a hoard of Lush products at my house - I need two hands to count how many bars of soap I have and I switch between four shampoos regularly, but the one thing that I have been collecting to a ridiculous degree is lotion. 

This is all lotion, friends. Hand and body lotion, hand cream, cuticle butter, breast cream - all just to moisturize. 

I keep hearing Lady Cassandra in my head.
Moisturize me.

But I digress.
It's quite the collection I've built, and I'm sworn to not buy any more lotions (except Dream Cream because I need it for my eczema) until I finish these.

I have done reviews of a few of these on my blog, and you can check them out below. But for now, what are you favorite body lotions? Did you know that Lush has reformulated Charity Pot to be completely self-preserving? It hasn't quite launched yet in the states, but we got a little sneak preview as employees - and I can tell you, it's good.

I'm getting back into the blogging game, guys! 

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  1. Damn, I thought I had a lot. I loved Charity Pot but they've reformulated it in the UK and I don't like the new scent as much :(
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  2. I love you even more for the Doctor Who reference.