#NEWLUSH - Granny Takes A Dip

In case you guys didn't know, Lush is coming out with a whole batch of brand new year round products very soon, and I thought I would preview a few of them with you guys to get you just as excited as I am for them! 

The first of which - this multi-colored monster of a bath bomb called Granny Takes A Dip. The name comes from the idea that it's supposed to smell like everything in your grandma's house. I'm not sure how true that is, but the notes are lemon, ginger, black pepper, and gardenia. It's definitely spicy, but also sweet somehow.
But the best part is how cool it looks in the bath. Look at this big thing!

Are you excited for the new Lush stuff? I know I'm excited for the customers to get to experience them, since we've all gotten little previews as employees. 

Are you going to give Granny Takes A Dip a try?

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