June Mixtape | Palindromantic

I am such a music nerd that I thought it's about time I start a mixtape series on this blog. I talk about music all the time on my YouTube channel (like every video I have a Song of the Day), but besides having outfits named after songs, I never talk that much about it here. I've been spinning a bunch of locals this month after the music smörgåsbord that was Sasquatch, and I've compiled some of my favorite tracks of the month below for you.

1. Sure As Spring - La Luz
I've heard a few whispers and shouts about this band for awhile, but it wasn't until Sasquatch that I got to experience this badass surf garage rock girl band. And I freaking love this song right now.

2. Bridge to Hawaii - Tacocat
Another fun girl band, Tacocat is adorable as hell and so nostalgic that sometimes I can't believe I'm not listening to mid-90s garage pop.

3. Hunger of the Pine - Alt-J
This is obviously not a local band. Duh. But anything new from Alt-J is exciting (and holy crap this new track is so good).
4. 2+3 (Demo) - Campfire Ok
One of my favorite local bands (and good friends of mine) are currently running a Pledgemusic campaign, and as part of that campaign, they released a demo version of a song from their last album. AND IT'S SO GOOD.
5. Diggin A Grave - Sam Miller
Another friend of mine - Sam Miller is getting ready to "officially" release a load of songs he recorded in Seattle next month, and this one's my favorite.
6. Cold Feet Killer - My Goodness
I saw this band a couple months ago open for The Thermals and they blew my mind. The release party for their new album "Shiver + Shake" is tomorrow and I'M STOKED.

7. Evil Eye - Benjamin Verdoes
I've run into Ben more times than I can count in Seattle over the last several months, whether its seeing him play solo or with his duo Iska Dhaaf - the dude is everywhere.

 8. Poison Water - Builders and the Butchers
I haven't seen this band in so long that it makes me sad. They released a new record last year and I didn't even know about it until I stopped at Sonic Boom Records on my birthday and saw Western Medicine, so I had to buy it.

Check out all those songs, please would you kindly? Let me know what you think of this idea in the comments, but I'll be putting out little playlists every month anyway. I listen to too much music, so it wouldn't make sense not to.

Also I have no idea where the idea of the photo came, but Tacocat's name is a palindrome, and when I said palindrome over and over again, it started to not sound like a word anymore. So I just added shit to the end of it. Palindromantic sounds lovely, doesn't it?

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