Raiding the Lush Factory for Retro

Last week, a few of my coworkers and I drove up to Vancouver, Canada to tour the Lush factory and meet the compounders that make the lovely products we peddle (and of course bring home a slew of retro stuff). We spent a good 45 minutes browsing through the shelves in the retro room - and this is what I got.

First we have the bombs. Honey Lumps is like a big fat version of Butterball but with honey added. Can you say yum?
Bon Bomb is another moisturizing goodie - but this one is citrusy and packed with mango butter. *swoon*
The last one I picked up was Uluru - mainly because of how gorgeous it is, but it also smells amazing. Orange, rosewood, sandalwood, and lemon myrtle oil! I can't wait for this one.
Now onto the shower gels. I grabbed a little bottle of Slammer, mainly just to try it - or else I would have gotten a big bottle. It smells like a zesty lime cocktail and ohhh baby will that be great for mornings when I'm all, "no just give me 10 more minutes" like 5 times.
But this baby was the best find of the day - B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful. It's definitely the most annoying name of any product ever, but it smells heavenly. Five different kinds of honey. FIVE. It's not even on the retro section because it's so limited edition and coveted. If you love the smell of Honey Trap lip balm - this is just like that.
Then I got some soaps, because I don't already have enough damn bar soaps. I seriously have enough body soap to last me two years. It's ridiculous. But these smelled so good! Pineapple Grunt smells like a pina colada, om nom nom.
And Waylander Rhassoul is the perfect detoxifying bar for those hangover mornings. Plus it smells like patchouli. I just want to use it right now.
Have you guys tried any of these retro products? I'm so stoked, you don't even know.
My stash is getting quite impressive.

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  1. Uluru is my favorite bath bomb of all time!

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