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My sister is home from school for the summer, so that means I have a subject to photograph whenever the hell I want (well, at least when she's not at her internship). The other day, she was rocking this exact outfit around the house and I had a flashback to 90s Nickelodeon - specifically Alex Mack. Remember than show Larisa Oleynik was in, where she had special powers after surviving a chemical spill? No, well please go check it out. Nickelodeon was pretty fucked up in the 90s.

Alex Mack regularly rocked the signature tomboy backwards cap and overalls, so you can imagine why I made the reference.
Libby is rocking this so hard that it makes me real jealous of her overalls.
Seriously - denim overalls, flannel, baseball tee, backwards cap, and Converse All-Stars. All she needs is tie-dye and she's straight out of Camp Anawanna. Shoot I'm switching references now - Salute Your Shorts!
The tats on her thighs are Snow White, and Wendy from Peter Pan, in case you're wondering.
Our dog is such a dork.
Expect more photos of Libby this summer. She might not want to, but she can't escape my camera.
There were definitely bees in that grass.
Also, this post's title is brought to you by Lustre from the Empire Records Soundtrack. It fits perfectly, and it's quite ironic. Why is it ironic? Well, if you've seen that movie, you'd know that Ethan Embry was like 16 years old in it as Marc "with a C", and Ethan Embry just happened to follow me on Twitter on Monday. Why the hell did that happen? I have no idea. But it's still hilarious as shit. 

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  1. this outfit is explosive! your sister is an amazing model for photography. great post, as usual :)