Perfect Iced Coffee | Thirsty Thursday

It's still Thursday, and since it's summer, I thought I'd start a little series of posts on some new cool drinks for the season! And because I'm a caffeine fiend, I wanted to start with a coffee beverage.

For days when I don't want to drive down into town to get my white chocolate americano, this will be my new go-to. I've been sticking with my coconut cream creamer for awhile, but sometimes it gets a bit artificial tasting, and this Italian Sweet Cream - despite the name - isn't overly sweet.

1. Brew a cappuccino sized cup of coffee from our Keurig (I know, it's not the greatest cup of coffee, but it's all we got at my house).
2. Let it cool to lukewarm/room temperature. 
3. Pour a few tablespoons of Coffee Mate Italian Sweet Cream creamer over ice.
4. Stir in a couple pinches of cinnamon (next time I'm going to try infusing some simple syrup with cinnamon to avoid bits falling to the bottom of the glass)
5. Pour coffee over the ice and creamer
6. Drop in a straw and enjoy!
Honestly could this mason jar and spiral straw be any MORE Pinterest? I don't even have a fucking Pinterest and it's ridiculous.
I'll be experimenting with more coffee drinks coming up (maybe with a little rum or whiskey, for my own version of Bailey's...mmm). Let me know if you have any fun recipes that you've experimented with!

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