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My last one of these style inspiration posts got mad feedback (and over 1,000 views), so it's about time I do a second edition of Rock Star Style - this time spotlighting my ultimate summer inspiration - the Haim sisters.

I saw Haim finally at Sasquatch a month back, and I'm basically in love with them. Like, I want Este's sass, Danielle's IDGAF attitude, and Alana's just overall cuteness. They're kind of the perfect mix of sexiness, sassiness, seventies-ness (yeah I made that a word), and simplicity.
I've always been one to rock the denim, but somehow they wear the classic lightwash better than any other ladies these days. Photos of these sisters look straight out of my mom's high school days - as in 1978. And who doesn't want that?
I've figured out a little formula for what I'll be stealing from Alana, Este, and Danielle this summer to achieve the ultimate 70s rocker chick chic.
First we have Este, the master of the bass face.
Seriously, how is this the same person? I don't get it. Este somehow exudes crazy and sexy all at once, which is not necessarily a bad combination. At Sasquatch, she rocked a sheer short dress with boots and a leather jacket - and of course her signature red lip. I can't think of a better outfit for a night out in Seattle - whether it's a show or getting a few drinks with friends. Este is definitely the "dressiest" of the three.
Danielle so effortlessly pulls off the tomboy chic without looking like an awkward shapeless sack it's not even fair. Black jeans, vintage tees, and you've got the perfect year-round any day outfit. I can't stress enough on this blog how far a good pair of jeans and men's tees can go. And Danielle is a perfect example of it.
Then the baby of the trio - Alana, who did not stop jumping around the stage Sunday night of Sasquatch - I just wish she was on my side of the stage more so I could get more photos of her. But they're coming back to the Paramount in August so you best believe I'll be getting all the photos I can. 

I like to think of Alana's style as my perfect summer afternoon. High waist cut-offs will always be in style and nobody can tell me otherwise. Why people ever thought super low rise jeans were a good idea is beyond me.
Even beyond their style - Haim's hair is so miraculously perfect that I'm just waiting for the day when my bangs are out of my face and my hair is long enough to do this in the wind.
Can my hair just do that now, please? That's the dream.
Who is your favorite Haim sister? I don't know if I can choose - I just want to hang out with them and go shopping. And listen to records and drink whiskey. Is that so out of the realm of possibility? It totally is.

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  1. I have not yet listened to HAIM - I know I know a crime on its own, I shall remedy that soon enough -, but the style you described for Danielle? Is basically what I really want to go for. The only difference between Danielle and me is those few pounds that would make me look like a potato, if I were to try and rock a man tee. :D Ah well.

  2. Haim are SO badass, how do they look so attractive whilst jumping around yelling and getting sweaty?! Love that hair-flip photo of Este.