The Sun Dogs I: Spirit Modules

It was 85 degrees today. It was officially hot. Like hot to the point where when I ordered my coffee, my barista automatically picked up a plastic cup for an iced americano. So in honor of the impending Summer, I rocked shorts without tights for the first time in quite awhile. Plus, I shaved my legs last night so I didn't want to waste my fresh smooth legs.

Sarah and I ventured over into her neighbor's yard today - well actually it was just the empty adjacent house - no one lives there. It felt very So-Cal circa 1971, one that felt like it needed an empty pool filled with skateboarders in the backyard. Sadly, no pool, but we took advantage of the unoccupied home for today's shoot.
Also can we just say - THIGH GAP SMIGH GAP. The thighs have come out to play, and like best friends, they stick together.
I paired my favorite denim shorts with this cotton bodysuit I picked up from Wet Seal last fall on their sale rack. It was literally like $5. Anything that cheap in black and white? I'm sold.
I threw on the same boots I wore in my last outfit, my new favorite booties I picked up from Urban Xchange.
There were definitely a couple times when we shot these that I was genuinely startled by noises coming from our immediate area. I made up the scenario that the house was haunted, and that's why no one had bought it yet. Just humor me, okay?
I just love this weird outdoor tile flooring. It reminds me of the old photos of my mom's college days.
One more thing - should I trim my hair? Part of me wants to get a trim just out of sheer habit because I haven't gotten it cut since last July, but the other part of me just wants to let it grow and see how long I can go to show people how great Lush's haircare is. Do I have split ends? No. Do my blonde bits look dead? No. Thank you Lush. You saved my hair. /gush 
/gush is my positive spin on /rant. It works, right?
Bodysuit: Wet Seal \\ Shorts: Thrifted \\ Belt: Steve Madden \\ Boots: Thrifted \\ Hat: Target \\ Necklace: Urban Outfitters
Also in honor the hot hot sun, today's post title comes to you courtesy of Rose Windows, the most badass band coming out of Seattle these days. Seriously you guys this band is going places. Check out an acoustic version of this song. I saw them a few weeks ago at the Seattle Living Room Shows 6th Anniversary, and they melted my face clear off.

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  1. I love this outfit! The shirt and boots are awesome.
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  2. "and like friends, they stick together" -- YES.

  3. Let your hair grow! It's gorgeous!