I turned 25 yesterday, and it was one of the best birthdays I've had in years - probably since I turned 22 and met Macklemore and hung out with Givers at Sasquatch. This birthday was - however - very different.

I was given the day off from work because my boss is the best, so I got to spend the whole day in Ballard and Fremont with my best friend of 16 years Laura, and her friend Nikki joined us since she lived like 3 minutes from the Fremont Bridge. And honestly, when you're a grown up and hopping around Ballard bars - the more the merrier!
We met down at Hilliard's Brewery for a free show that KEXP was hosting with my pals Iska Dhaaf (who I literally saw almost exactly a week earlier to the hour at Sasquatch).
Here are a few shots of Ben and Nate because I couldn't not take a few.
Then after Iska Dhaaf finished their set (and I ran into a few other friends) we headed out for downtown Ballard. KEXP was hosting a couple record fairs at the Sunset and Tractor Taverns, so we made small talk with some people from Barsuk and Sub-Pop Records while enjoying some whiskey. It was my second drink of the day, so I felt like a true grown up. Day drinking. That's a thing.
Then Laura, Nikki, and I got $1 tacos for happy hour at El Borracho. Hello $3 lunch!
Mmm, tacos.
What was Laura doing? I don't really know.

I realize I've been neglecting my blog over the last two weeks, and I thought since I had these photos I might as well post them. I've been so focused on getting Sasquatch coverage done that I didn't realize that it had been 2 weeks since I updated this blog. As soon as Sasquatch stuff is done - SO MANY BLOG POSTS.

Happy birthday to me!

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