What the heck is a Temple Balm?

Chances are, you've never seen these at a Lush store. I know I never have. The only place I've seen these Temple Balms are on the UK website. But one of my coworkers recently traveled to New York City for Fashion Week, and took a day to go to the Lush Spa in NYC. And at the Lush Spa, she picked up Temple Balms for everyone at our shop (thanks Ariel!) 

What you do with them is rub them on your temples! And also your chest, around your nostrils, anywhere you might rub Vick's VapoRub. Whoosh is the same scent as the Whoosh shower jelly - Grapefruit and Rosemary, and one you might use in the morning to help you wake up. I've heard it's a nice one to use when you have a hangover (I don't know how that goes, so take other people's words for it). I haven't noticed too much of a difference when I use it, but honestly the only thing that really makes a difference with me in the morning is caffeine - so if they had a coffee scented temple balm, I'd be all over that.
Dreamtime, however, has made a difference. I'm notorious for staying up and surfing the web until 3 a.m. lately, so Dreamtime is great to rub under my nose when I'm at the point where I say to myself, "Abby, stop reblogging photos of Alexa Chung and Alex Turner. It's over, you can't bring them back together. Go to bed." All that lavender and chamomile is soothing and calms you down, and the ginger relaxes the nerves - so it's perfect for when you have an overactive brain at those wee hours of the morning.
Unfortunately, you can't purchase these anywhere besides the Poole Lush shop or the spas, but it does give me an idea for future reference - pick up those essential oils! Essential oils are the bee's knees, and I would not be against mixing lavender oil and chamomile oil with almond oil for my own relaxing blend. We need to bring aromatherapy back, people. Sleeping pills, be gone!

Also, it makes me think about buying lavender and tonka bean and mixing it with coconut oil for my own Twilight bomb essential oil blend. Let's be creative, people!

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